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The automatic core production line is a new type of automatic cold box core shooting machine developed by Hebei European Machinery Mould Co., Ltd., which has learned from foreign advanced technology. The mechanism is novel and functional, and adopts lower pressure type, with horizontal separation, vertical clamping, blowing the top core, removing the core from the lower core, automatic cleaning, automatic spraying liquid, automatic fast change mold and other functions. The machine adopts hydraulic drive, proportional valve control, stable and reliable operation, the electrical system adopts PLC control, with CNC control panel, the man-machine interface, can realize the setting of process parameters, modify, monitoring and fault display, can be connected with the external equipment, machine equipped with a closed machine house, isolated core scene, purifying environment. The machine through the company's continuous innovation, advanced with similar foreign products, but also has its own unique, high-tech products become prospective, is a complex of superior products with high precision mould automation production structure of automobile, diesel and other industries.

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