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                        Industry 4.0

Hebei OUNAI (HEBEI) has thirtyyears experience

in industrial manufacturing fieldAnd technology

precipitation accumulation, with internationally

renowned companies to cooperate, introduction

of Germany, Italy and other European advanced

manufacturing technology. Deep integration of

information technology and manufacturing based

on Intelligent casting,To form an independent core

technology, core components, hot and cold core

equipment, core manufacturing center, magnesium

alloy materials, Magnesium alloy casting equipment

shell casting, vacuum shell casting, Automatic

shell casting, production line, automatic production

line, reclamation of used sand mould casting, all

kinds of special tools, fixtures, Leading core

technology and industrial intelligente quipment

products and intelligent manufacturing system

solutions as one of the complete casting enterprise

Automation and intelligence help foundry

enterprises realizegreen intelligent manufacturing

and intelligent production management.